CCDS Purpose and Operations Model

Purpose: The Canadian Council of Deans of Science-Conseil canadien des doyens et doyennes de sciences (CCDS) is a group that brings together the deans of the various Faculties of Science across Canada and provides them with a forum to discuss matters of mutual concern.

Membership: CCDS is an open organization, with individual membership available to all deans currently appointed at Canadian universities who oversee natural sciences departments. This would include, for example, a Faculty of Science, a Faculty of Arts and Science, a Faculty of Science and Environment, a Faculty of Science and Engineering, a Faculty of Agriculture, a Faculty of Environment, etc.

Drawn from the membership, there will be an executive committee normally consisting of a president, vice-president/secretary, treasurer and up to 4 members-at-large, including the Dean of the hosting university for the annual meetings. The president shall act as chair of the executive committee. The president, vice-president/secretary, and treasurer positions are normally for two years; other executive positions are normally for one year. All positions are determined using a collegiality-based consensus approach, although the vice-president/secretary is expected to become the president at the end of the current president’s two year term, which normally takes place at an annual meeting.


  1. Maintain a database of all current Deans of Science and provide a forum for communication among deans.

  2. Maintain an up-to-date CCDS web site with content relevant to the purpose of the organization. Bilingual content will be posted.

  3. Organize an annual meeting for Deans of Science or their delegates to discuss matters of interest. Any action items resulting from such discussions shall be determined by consensus. An annual report shall be generated and shared with the membership.

Accountability: The treasurer will hold all funds belonging to the CCDS at his/her home university. All purchases and reimbursements will be processed through his/her home university. The president and the treasurer will present a report to the membership at the annual meeting. Financial updates can be requested by the membership at any time and will be provided within a reasonable timeframe if so requested.